The Not-So-Sexy Infertility Adventures of a Girl in the Big Apple

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

19 Weeks

Hi everyone, I've been back from vacation for a little while now and have been having a quiet week at home.  California was great - we just ate our way through the state (mainly in SF and Napa), saw lots of friends and family along the way, and got to see some spectacular scenery at Yosemite.  All and all, a really nice little break.

Couple pictures from Yosemite for your viewing pleasure:
 Lower Yosemite Falls.
"Tunnel View" - view from just outside a long tunnel in the park.

Best of all, I had an OB appointment on my first day back in town, and everything seems to be going well.  I caught a brief glimpse of the babies on ultrasound - they don't have the greatest equipment there so the picture is kinda blurry, but from what I could see the babies seem to be growing a lot!  

I am feeling little kicks and flutters more often now, and my belly definitely grew a couple of inches in the last 2 weeks.  I think I look about 5 months pregnant, although I am only 4 and a bit.  Sigh, I guess this is just how it's going to be!

Our anatomy scan is scheduled for this Friday - cannot wait to get a really good look at the little ones and, most importantly, find out if we're having boys or girls (or one of each!)   I am praying they both look healthy and normal, and that we don't find any issues.  Thankfully, the results of my Sequential Scan and Maternity 21 test (new DNA test for Trisomy 21, 18 & 13) were good so at least we are over that hurdle.

I am going to try to get a bunch of domestic projects done in the next couple months, including starting work on the nursery.  We also need to: 1) lease a new car (twin friendly!), 2) order some missing furniture pieces for the house (all of which include more storage), 3) clean out our closets and make room for all of the new gear coming our way, and 4) figure out all of the baby gear we need to get for the little ones.  I really want to get this done before I start getting too large and uncomfortable to handle these things.  On top of that, I want to start going to the gym and exercising a bit more regularly.  Nothing strenuous, just brisk walks on the treadmill and elliptical machine work.  I started last night and am going to try to go 3 - 4 times a week.

I've pretty much caught up on everyone's blogs, and it seems like things are going pretty well.  I cannot wait for those of you who are still waiting to get what you deserve.  Hoping it's just around the corner for all of you.  

I will just leave you with a picture of a bouquet of peonies that I took from the front garden of our upstate house.  They were just magnificent, and since they were about to wilt I decided to cut them all off and bring them to the city to enjoy.  Peonies are my absolute favorite flowers, so gorgeous and decadent!  


  1. Great to hear from you! Glad all is going well and you enjoyed your vacation. The Yosemite pictures are awesome and the peonies are magnificant!

    I cannot wait until your scan to know if you are having boys/girls or one of each. Its good that you are getting your projects done early so you can relax later.

  2. Great to hear from you! Glad everything is going well. LOVE the peonies! I have five bushes in my back yard and they're just getting ready to bloom - I agree they're one of my favs!

  3. Glad you had some nice time away! Yosemite looks beautiful!

    We have a row of peonies alongside our back fence, and our dog loves them too. He loves to lay in the pretty flowers ; )

    Hope your anatomy scan is a good time!

  4. Those pics of Yosemite are beautiful! I'm so glad that you had a good vacay and that the twins are doing well. :) I can't wait to find out if you have a boys or girls or both!

    Oh, and I love peonies, too. They're my favorite flower.

  5. Hey Newbie - thanks for the well wishes:) I feel like I am in another 2 weeks wait. This morning I watched "baby story" on TLC and got freaked out! The woman got induced and was saying she felt like she was going to die and they checked her and she was only 3 cm. No more watching that show.
    So glad you had a great trip - I've always wanted to go to Yosemite. your peonies are beautiful too.
    Hope Friday goes really well - can't wait to find out what you are having!!!

  6. Just strted reading your blog. Congrats on the babies!

  7. Good to hear things are going well! I can't wait for you anatomy scan tomorrow!