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Friday, November 11, 2011

Annoyed again

So I sent a follow up email to my nurse asking if the karyotype results for my husband had come back because I only received mine.  She told me they never performed a karyotype analysis on him.  I then asked her to check with Dr. S because my impression was that he wanted it done on both of us.

This morning I get an email from her stating that Dr. S confirmed that a karyotype should have been done on my husband.  This is so annoying, I don't know why this keeps happening!  The whole point of the karyotyping was to potentially save us from doing an IVF in the instance that either me or my husband had chromosomal abnormalities.  Now it's too late to do that - we have to go forward without it, which is really irritating me.

My husband, in his typical calm fashion, pointed out that the chances of there being a problem are slim, so it probably doesn't matter.  But to me that's beside the point - they should be getting these details right, without me catching these mistakes for them.

At this point I am going to keep things status quo, but once we get through this cycle I may request another nurse.  It's just one too many times where this has happened.  Argh.


  1. how frustrating! I would be annoyed and mad too. how long until your retrieval tho? maybe there is still time? our karyotypes only took a couple of weeks...might give you peace of mind. any lab could do one for you.

    (and of course i'm dying to know who your nurse is...)


  2. How very annoying and very frustrating! I hate feeling like I'm paying more attention than the medical professionals that are being PAID to help me.

    Good luck with your IVF cycle!

  3. That is super frustrating. I would be annoyed too. I understand that mistakes happen, even at a clinic like ours, but still...this shouldn't have happened.

  4. That is ridiculous! Your nurse needs a better system to keep track of things! I hope that nothing else gets missed and this cycle works for you!!!

  5. That is so frustrating! I know mistakes happen everywhere, however, I distinctly also remember paying an extra $850ish for a "nursing fee" or something like that during our cycle and that is not covered by any insurance. The purpose was to cover the phone calls,etc. CCRM was the only clinic that ever charged this. However, 8 days into stims, the nurses never called me with a med update and when i called the nurse on call, she had already left the clinic and said that she could not access my records. Her response was "I guess just stay on the same dose." For my 4th ivf with everything on the line, I was very flustered! ...especially because I was so close to trigger.

    Alas, I guess it goes to show that you really have to be on top of things. I am so sorry this happened and know I would be SO annoyed! My anecdote was simply to let you know that I know where you are coming from :)

  6. Bah. That is so annoying errrrr why would you do half a test? Can't wait to see some wedding pics tho!

  7. Incredibly frustrating. I had a similar thing with intralipid treatment that I was supposed to have this IVF, but it was never booked in and by the time I asked about it it was too late. And you'd think the medical professionals would have everything covered. Hopefully your husband is right and in the long run it wouldn't have made a difference.

  8. Wow, that's not right. I thought they got the big bucks because they are so on top of things. Very disappointing. I think I'd have to mention this to your doc.