The Not-So-Sexy Infertility Adventures of a Girl in the Big Apple

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Greetings from Denver

Hello all, I'm sitting here in my room at the Element Hotel writing Denver at last!

First off, I wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your comments over the past couple of weeks - each and every one means so much to me, and I can't thank you all enough.

Brief recap of my time thus far:
I got to the airport yesterday afternoon, and of course my plane was overbooked.  Had a stressful couple of hours where I had to wait for people to voluntarily reschedule before I got a seat.  Thank goodness I eventually got on, although they put me in a middle seat on the most crowded, uncomfortably packed flight I've been in for a while.  I felt very crumpled and overheated by the time I finally deplaned.

On my way in from the airport I stopped off to get dinner at Rjoja, which is in downtown Denver and just a short detour on the way to Lone Tree.  I recommend it - has a nice atmosphere and an eclectic menu.  I had a very civilized dinner there and got to the hotel about 9pm.

Went to C.CRM this morning for my u/s and bloodwork.  They were extremely busy this morning, and everyone was rushing around like mad - probably trying to get things wrapped up before tomorrow.  They counted only four follicles at this point (two on the left, two on the right), ranging from 6 to 14.  I am disappointed there aren't more, but am trying to stay hopeful.  This is after 5 days of stims, so I have a little time yet to improve the situation.

When I got done, I did a bunch of shopping for supplies - went to Walgreens and bought a huge thing of lotion and some moisturizing shampoo/conditioner.  It is so dry here that my skin and hair feel thirsty all the time.  I also went to Whole Foods and stocked up on snacks and food supplies.  And then (don't laugh at me) I went to IKEA on a whim and bought a cheap ($10) paper lamp because the fluorescent lighting in the room here is depressing.  That's my only complaint about the hotel - otherwise it is clean and comfortable.  Once I get a lightbulb for this thing I'm hoping it'll cheer things up a bit...I'm a big believer in proper lighting!

I got back to the room late afternoon and waited for my phone call from C.CRM.  I wanted to get my full results with E2/LH, so I could compare them with my last couple of cycles.  Unfortunately like a dummy I had switched my ringer off and I missed the call.  That seriously bummed me out - I was not scheduled to go back to C.CRM until Friday so I would have had to wait 2 whole days to get another report.

Luckily I managed to get a hold of someone at the clinic and they were kind enough to read me my results - E2 is 468 (up from 147) and LH is 7.2, up from 4.3.   Of course I don't totally know what this means but I do know that you want your E2 to be rising and that they estimate one egg to equal about 200 of estrogen.  And in comparing these results to my last 2 cycles, it does look like my E2 is higher than either of the last two at this point (5 days of stims).  Not that that's saying much - I barely made any eggs at all in those cycles.

They have started me on Ganerilex as of tonight, and I'll be taking it every day until trigger.  I have been speaking sternly to my ovaries telling them not to ovulate early.

I'll be alone tomorrow on Thanksgiving, but am planning on doing a videochat with H and buying some ready-made turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes from Whole Foods.  I also have a couple of movies, so I should be all set.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with good food and lots of love.  Will update soon!


  1. It is very early days I am sure more follicles will start popping up soon.

    Hope you indulge yourself, and manage to have fun.

  2. wishing you so much luck with this cycle. thinking of you this thanksgiving in CO. Fingers staying crossed for some ccrm magic

  3. I hope things continue to progress & those ovaries cooperate! I'm sad your alone out there for Thanksgiving! But how great is it to just pick up dinner & watch movies with no family drama! I hope this cycle is the one for you!

  4. We are having identical Thanksgiving dinners - Whole Foods! I like that you bought a lamp, I agree, lighting is very important in my life. Keep growing!

  5. Hope you have a peaceful and relaxing Thanksgiving despite being alone in a hotel room :( Keep talking to those ovaries too, and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Oh, and it makes me so mad when I forget to turn the ringer on my phone back on, yet I do it all the time. Grrr

  6. I hope those little follies keep growing - sending you lots of positive vibes! I don't think it's funny at all about the light - I totally get it and am the exact same way - I hate overhead lighting - people make fun of me about it all the time but I couldn't agree more, proper lighting is essential - totally affects my mood! Good luck Newbie and Happy 'American.Thanksgiving to you (I'm Canadian)!

  7. Sending you a big Thanksgiving hug today. I hope you have fun watching movies and have an awesome ultrasound tomorrow. I love Rioja, we go there every time!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Have fun eating your dinner and watching movies! Good luck to you tomorrow.

  9. Can't wait for tomorrow u/s! Hope to see many follies! Sure is too bad we will miss each other. I will be in Denver shortly! I saw the weather was nice so at least you can get out and about. I hope this is your last Thanksgiving alone.

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  11. Hi Newbie! I haVe been thinking about you. Sounds like you are making headway and are keeping yourself sane during the process. Hope your ultrasound went well today. Grow follies grow!

  12. Hi Newbie, I'm passing along an award that I got to you :)