The Not-So-Sexy Infertility Adventures of a Girl in the Big Apple

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Waiting on Flo (Again)

She's kind of arrived, but not fully.  I would normally be willing to bet that tomorrow will be the day, but after last time (where she took five days of drips and drabs to fully arrive) I can't do that.

Not such a big deal except for planning flights.  I am trying to weigh how much more I will spend by waiting until just before I leave to book flights vs. getting charged penalties for changing your ticket if I book now.  Plus I won't really know until after my Day 2 u/s & bloodwork whether I am fully cleared to go or not - they could still find a cyst or something.   I guess I'll just wait until then before booking and suck up the extra cost.  Would be curious to know what other people did?

C.CRM did finally receive my questionable HSG report, and the good news is that I'm cleared to proceed, at least for the retrieval.  I wasn't sure if I still may have to do something prior to transfer, need to clarify that.

I'm really ready to get through this cycle and find out the results.  I seem to be doing better at managing my anxiety this time - that wedding trip really helped.  My expectations are also so much lower after what I've been through.  While I'm sure I will still be devastated if this doesn't work, I feel more prepared for bad news then I was last time.  However, once I start pumping all those meds into my body I'm sure I'll start to lose my sanity soon enough!

I've been trying to lose a couple of pounds in advance of this cycle so the weight gain doesn't get out of control, but I've just given up.  Too many things going on right now - vanity will have to come later!


  1. Hi Newbie - I went ahead and bought my plane tickets about a month beforehand, because then at least I would have the it locked in at a certain price - it usually costs $150 to change your flight. Buy directly from the airline, not travelocity. However you might get better fares from NYC to Denver than I did. Expensive airline tickets are definitely the downside of cycling at CCRM, but it is worth it. AF better get her act together so you can get this show on the road!

  2. I kind of risked it and went ahead and booked my flight in advance for my cycle. I waited until we were cleared to go though to book K's - not sure why I did this actually. Anywhoo...I felt pretty confident that my cycle would go ahead as planned as I've never had issues with cysts or anything preventing me from starting. If I did, it would probably be tougher to figure out what to do. Hope AF shows up as planned!

  3. Hi Newbie - Yes - It is easier to make changes to your flight. I had a bad experience with Travelocity. Expedia may be different though.

  4. I agree...order now, change later. South West doesn't charge change fees either.
    I hear ya about the weight thing. I start next week and have given up on the albs I was hoping to drop and instead gained 5 in the past month from this darn Decadron!!! Heres to 'the cycles' for us both :)