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Thursday, March 29, 2012

8 Weeks 3 Days - Blech

In case anyone has noticed that I've been a bit silent lately, the reason is that my pregnancy symptoms definitely took a turn for the worse this week.  Monday and Tuesday I was barely able to get out of unbelievably tired all day.  And the nausea has definitely gotten worse too.  Now, instead of just feeling nauseous when I don't eat, I also often feel nauseous after I eat.  But I feel I have to keep eating, or else it gets much worse.  I haven't (thankfully) actually started throwing up yet, and I hope it stays that way!

Tuesday early evening I forced myself to go out for a brief walk, and that helped a bit.  And yesterday I had to go out for bloodwork and to get some things fixed on my computer, so I got out of the apartment for most of the day.  It definitely helps my mood to move around a bit and get outside, but it's also really, really hard to motivate myself to do so.  I almost pushed off the bloodwork until today because I was feeling so tired but I forced myself to get out and do it.

Good news is that my levels are looking great.  Estrogen is at over 3,000 and progesterone is at 26.6.  So I get to start weaning - will go down to 3 patches every other day and 2 daily suppositories, and then will go back in for a check on Saturday.  I am so excited - getting really, really sick of the hormone supplementation.  The progesterone in particular saps any little energy I might normally have, and the suppositories are so gross.  Hoping when I stop them I'll feel a wee bit better...

I have my first appointment with an OB tomorrow.  I'm really hoping I like her, and that the ultrasound shows 2 healthy babies in there.  One good thing about feeling sick is that you don't have the wherewithal to worry much about it, so I haven't been stressing too much.  I'm sure I'll get nervous once I'm there...

I went bra shopping last week because my normal bras were getting ridiculously small - I had muffin top over my bra on both sides!  And guess what, I am now a 32 DD!  Aaah!  And actually I realized that I should go back and exchange for an E cup, because the DD is already getting a little snug.  It's not a good look, peoples.  Not good.

Does the "pregnancy glow" thing really exist, or is that just a bulls*** myth made up by men to make them feel better about what this does to us?  I've been reading many blogs about pregnancy and none of them seem particularly glowy - most people feel kinda gross and/or uncomfortable throughout, as far as I can tell.

Sorry for this rambling, boring, complain-y post.  I just felt compelled to write something because it's been a little while.  Will post after tomorrow's appointment with hopefully good news....


  1. Good luck with your OB appt tomorrow. Talk to her about your nausea. For me Zofran helped (and I suffered until 11w before I started it). It doesn't work miracles, but it seems to take the edge off most of the time. You'll just need to compensate with some Colace because Zofran makes the constipation worse.

    I've had the 'glow' occasionally (or been told I did) but it's not a constant for me. I'm so happy to finally be pregnant but I underestimated how physically challenging pregnancy can be... as attested by my recent blog post. Take care.

  2. I've heard that the glow is more of an outward appearance. Although, I don't think I've noticed it on the pregnant people I've known in the past. I'm sorry your feeling bad but at the same time I know it's a good sign that things are going well. So while I do hope that you feel better soon, I don't want any of your symptoms to disappear. And holy cow! A 32 DD?!? I didn't think that was possible without implants! :-) That is one side effect I hope I "suffer" from if I get knocked up. However, I"m sure it's pretty uncomfortable at the same time. Good luck with your doctor appoitment!

  3. nice to hear from you - will be rooting for you at your OB appointment tomorrow. not sure about the glow. i haven't felt very well, and have answered honestly to some co-workers when they ask how I am ("not feeling well today") - although they have no idea why. their uniform response: "but you look great!!" maybe there is something to the glow, even if you don't feel it.

    i hope you start feeling a bit better soon. i'm glad you're able to take it easy.

    hang in there!!


  4. Hi Newbie, nice to see an update from you. The nausea does not sound fun at all, but its great that you levels are good and you can wean off the meds. Good luck with your OB appt.

  5. I just hit the second trimester (for the second time) and for me, this is the golden period of pregnancy glowing. My skin cleared up, my appetite is coming back, I'm not swollen yet. Glow! But for everyone it's different.. hope you are feeling and looking great soon!

  6. Sorry you're feeling so icky! I agree with Nicole, 2nd tri I feel much more glowy =) Bump has arrived but it's not huge yet, I'm not so tired etc. And I just feel generally pretty and pregnant.

    Good luck getting though the rest of the first tri without throwing up!

  7. Oh newbie, hang in there, it has to get better!!! Good luck with the new OB, can't wait to see a picture of your two little ones! When do you find out the gender? This is so exciting!

  8. Oh gosh...hang in there. The nausea and fatigue is terrible but the fatigue does really get better around 12 weeks and the nausea does as well (for most).
    As for that 'glow'...ummmm I've heard it once, but surely don't feel it!

  9. I remember having crippling nausea with my daughter. Never threw up, for which I was grateful, but I kept having moments where I needed to lie down and curl up in the foetal position. I also spent two months doing the shopping as fast as possible, because I couldn't bear being surrounded by food.

    Are you able to eat OK? I drank gallons of chocolate milk in my first trimester, because it was the only thing I genuinely liked. Everything else I had to force down. I also went through a lot of pregnancy pops. They only helped the nausea while I was actually sucking them, but having a few handy in my bag meant I could get through any waves that hit me whilst out and about.

    I can't really vouch for a twin pregnancy, but the first trimester is definitely the worst for overall mood. The third trimester is uncomfortable, but you're generally more upbeat which makes it easier to deal with. It certainly helps when you can feel the baby move, which is always a delight.

    I can't say I ever felt glowy, or that I particularly enjoyed being pregnant, but there were definitely things I did love about my pregnancies. Hang in there!

  10. Sorry you are feeling poorly - I also had absolutely no energy the first 15 weeks and had to drag myself out of bed to get my labs done. I was just pitiful. It does pass, so hang in there!
    Hope your OB appt goes really well tomorrow!

  11. I'm happy that you have these complaints. ;) Hopefully that means your babies are strong and healthy.

  12. It's good to hear from you newbie. I was wondering how you were doing. I'm sorry the nausea is so bad and I hope you get feeling better soon! Hang in there!