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Monday, March 5, 2012

5 Weeks

Today I am 5 weeks.  My nurse called with the results of my weekly blood draw, and everything seems to be fine:

Estrodiol: 526 (they want it above 300)
Progesterone: 8.6 (they want it above 6)

These numbers seem awfully low compared to some of the ones I've seen posted lately, but if C.CRM says it's good I guess I can trust them.

I don't feel terribly pregnant yet.  No major symptoms, except for ridiculously big boobs - I swear they are getting bigger every day.  And I'm already a C cup, so I shudder to think what they will be like later on!  Last week I had a couple episodes of dizziness/lightheadedness, but they came and went.  Nothing really in the way of cramps either, although I am kind of "feeling my uterus" a bit more this week.

I guess the other possible symptom is fatigue.  I have been more tired lately, but that could also be progesterone (that stuff really puts me to sleep) and the fact that I have been fighting off a cold that Hubby brought home.  Thankfully it never really blossomed, but that of course made me worry that perhaps my immune system acting up in my defense could be bad for the embryos.  But this was a passing thought - I'm not too concerned, mainly because there's nothing I can do about it!

I went and bought a scale today so I could start tracking my weight.  I am already a couple pounds heavier than my normal weight, due no doubt to massive overeating these last couple of weeks.  Hoping my appetite will calm down a little so I can go back to normal, at least for a little while.

That's it for now, pretty boring over here.  All my thoughts are fixated on next week's ultrasound.  And on the lovely women I follow in their 2WWs or waiting for their next ultrasound - I wish everyone the very best of luck, and hope we all get great news!


  1. I felt the same way about my progesterone numbers - they were not that high to begin with, but they slowly go up and if you are just on the suppositories, they won't be as high as the injections. The progesterone made me so so tired. I could barely drag myself out of bed in the morning.
    Yay for 5 weeks!

  2. Be happy about those numbers, they will get higher later and then I'll welcome you to my crazy world ;-) You are right not to worry, if CC.RM likes them then we do too!

    I can't wait for your ultrasound!

  3. Don't stress about the numbers. They will guide you :) Rest up and eat when you need to....feed that baby, plus you don't know if nausea will kick in in the next few weeks slowing you down, so the extra pounds gained now will help you. Enjoy it!!! YEA!

  4. Sooner or later your ovaries will wake from their sleepy slumber thanks to Lupron, etc. and realize "holy crapola...I'm preggers?! How the..." and start pumping out natural E2 and P4...but you are are above CCRM's ultra conservative E2 and P4 levels and that's all that matters right now. Lovin' your carefree attitude! Its good on ya?! Take care...

  5. Yay - 5 weeks, and thanks for sharing numbers and symptoms. Yes, with supps the P4 levels will be low compared with injectables.

    Glad you could keep the cold at bay and I love your wonderful postitive attitude. I am sure it will be just fine on your next visit :-)

  6. Hey, boring is not bad! So much better than drama, right?! Hoping for a great ultrasound :)

  7. Getting closer and closer to your u/s. Yay! This or next week is the when an embryo's heart starts beating.

    Like other women have said - if you're on Endrometrin, your progesteone numbers won't be quite as high - so not to worry.

    As for the scale, don't get hung up on it. Some weeks my weight shot up (I had one week where I gained SEVEN pounds), other weeks it stayed stable, and a couple of weeks, I even lost a half or one pound despite eating ridiculous amounts of carbs (because that was all I could stomach). Throughout the pregnancy I put on 25 pounds and, by eight weeks after their birth, was 10 pounds lighter then when I started my pregnancy.

  8. Yay! Five weeks! I'm glad your numbers are looking good and you're feeling a-ok. I can't wait to find out the result of your ultrasound. :) I love hearing good news from my bloggers!!

  9. Your numbers sound just great to me. Remember, they want my progesterone level higher because I am on the PIO (when I used just suppositories last pregnancy, my level dropped down to 4...). the beta is the number that you want to keep seeing increasing - the estrogen and progesterone just need to be high enough to support your pregnancy. But i hear you - I worry about the numbers too...

    I'm glad you're feeling pretty well - no symptoms is just fine! Looking forward with baited breath to your first u/s - I am so confident you are going to have good news!!


  10. Cheers to 5 weeks! Can't wait to hear about the ultrasound!