The Not-So-Sexy Infertility Adventures of a Girl in the Big Apple

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Moment of Levity

Hubby brought home "The Onion" the other day and I came across this article, which made me piss myself laughing.  Sometimes I wonder whether an outsider (a guy, most likely!) coming across all of our blogs and associated comments would think this about us?

I love blogging and all of you, and wouldn't trade any of it.  But I do like to have a hearty chuckle once in a while at my own expense - keeps you from taking yourself too seriously!

On another note, I am doing much better in the bleeding/cramping department - no signs today at all.  I am, however, starting to feel a little nauseous and also something that is best described as "a little delicate."  I'm sensitive to noises, smells, any kind of stimulation.  And so as much as I should be going out and getting errands done, I'm just holing up in my apartment again.  Sigh.

Hoping I'll have a little more energy/capacity to deal with things soon.  And I hope you find that article as funny as I did and treat yourself to a good laugh.  It's Friday, people!


  1. haha, yes the blog life is all about the affirmations! That said, sounds like the morning sickness is starting to come on meaning those bean(s) are growing strong :).

  2. That is hilarious! It's strange, but in ways I feel more connected to my blogging buddies than real life friends and acquaintances:) must be all the affirmations I get each week :) Feeling nausea is a good sign in your case! hope it stays manageable. Enjoy the weekend Newbie.

  3. Funny article! I love The Onion. I'm glad to hear that your bleeding/cramping has subsided and I think the nausea is a good sign. I totally hear ya on the "feeling delicate" thing: I didn't even want to think about my DH touching me with even a fingertip that's how sensitive and yucky I felt in the beginning lol!

  4. Great article! I love The Onion. :)

    Nausea is a great sign. I started feeling sick right around 6 weeks, so I'm thinking this is a very positive thing, especially since the bleeding and cramping have gone away.

    Hang in there! When is your next doctor's appt?