The Not-So-Sexy Infertility Adventures of a Girl in the Big Apple

Friday, March 30, 2012

8 Weeks 4 Days - First OB Appointment

Just got back from my first appointment with my new OB.  I liked her a lot - it was a fairly brisk first meeting, but she covered all the bases in terms of things I had immediate questions on.  She reiterated what I already knew about twin pregnancies, which is that they are almost always premature and that deliveries are almost always by C-section.  However, she said that other than some additional monitoring towards the end, I will generally be treated the same as any other patient.

She also said it was fine for me to exercise - pretty much anything (except extreme sports) as long as I wasn't gasping for breath.  I'm happy about that, but I'm not sure I will jump fully into it.  I think I may start to work myself slowly up to elliptical machine, bike and yoga.  Not sure if I have the guts to try running.  We'll see.

Best part of the appointment was getting to see the little bubs.  They are both doing great.  Baby A measured ahead at 9 weeks, and has a heartbeat of 179.  Baby B measured right on the dot at 8 weeks 5 days, and has a heartbeat of 173.  Here is the latest pic - because of their position, it was hard to get one picture that they are both clear in, but this is the best one she got:

A'int they cute?  They look like 2 little peanuts.

My next u/s won't be for nearly a month - we'll be doing the NT scan at 11 weeks.  I could have asked for one more u/s in between (and still might, if I change my mind) but we are going to be traveling to see my family in Seattle in a couple of weeks anyway so I'm thinking I might just hold out until the NT scan.

I'm planning on surprising my family with the news in person.  It's a little sooner than I would like to break the news (will only be 10 weeks by then), but my parents are taking a couple of long trips right around the end of my first trimester and I want to be able to tell them in person.  I am, however, going to tell them to keep it between the family for now, until we're okay to go public.  My sister, BIL and my little nephew are also out there, so I'm hoping it will be an all-around joyful celebration!

Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences, tips, etc. re: dealing with pregnancy symptoms.  My goal in the next week is to slowly resume exercise, in the hopes that this will give me some more energy.  I also want to eat as healthy as possible, or as much as my nausea will allow.  Right now I'm eating like a 3rd grader - apple sauce, crackers, and fruit make up an alarming amount of my daily diet.  I need to work in some more proteins and veggies if I can.

Off to eat some more applesauce before dinner!


  1. Oh they are so cute!! The exercise will make you feel better I haven't done as much as I wanted which annoys me. I have a lot to do when I have this baby. I cant wait to hear your ffamilies reaction! Two babies, bliss!

  2. They look so great! So exciting to get to tell your family. Did you happen to ask when is a good time to go public? I have been wondering about this.....

    1. I didn't ask her, but I think a good time is after the NT scan if that goes well, so would be around end of first trimester.

  3. Beautiful U/S pic!!! Yay for more good news!! I'm so impressed you're going to try to hold out until the nuchal. You're a much tougher woman than I am...A week is about all I can manage without needing reassurance.

    Enjoy your applesauce!! So happy for you!


  4. Great pic newbie! So exciting.

  5. Ah...what a beautiful picture. I got all teary eyed seeing those images of perfection. So very happy for you.
    Yes, slowing starting to exercise sounds like a good plan for sure, and it will give you some energy too.

  6. Love the u/s pic! I'm still just amazed you are pregnant with twins! Your family is going to be over the moon! I can't believe you haven't told them yet - I would be bursting:)
    Hope you get your appetite back soon- I remember eating lots of apple sauce, toast and saltines - now I do not want to look at a saltine.
    Glad to hear they are doing good and growing:)

  7. What great news! So happy things are going well. My OB gave me the same news at 9 weeks to exercise but I didn't start running until after 12 weeks. The bleeding in the first trimester really freaked me out. I can say I still don't run that much and I use to run 25-30 miles a week before BFP. Very excited for you!

  8. They are beautiful! I'm just so happy for you. Every time I read a post, I break out into a smile because I know exactly how you feel. :)

    You're family is going to be so happy. Enjoy the time in Seattle!

  9. I love seeing the picture of Yin and Yang in your uterus :) I hope the blechiness gets better. I found that eating every couple of hours helped & Zofran of course! I started exercising around 11 weeks. Kept it pretty low key though. I hope you have a great trip!

  10. Hang in there's hoping that your morning sickness will be nothing but a badge of honor real soon. Loved the u/s pics!!

  11. Oh my gosh, they are so cute! I don't know if you're into juicing, but it's a good way to get veggies in. We add an apple or pear to sweeten it up a bit.

    Have fun surprising your family!