The Not-So-Sexy Infertility Adventures of a Girl in the Big Apple

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Autumn in New York

I just recalled that last week, during his morning ritual, I heard H singing this (to the tune of the Cat Stevens song Moonshadow):

Oh I'm gonna wear my suede jacket
Suede jacket, suede jacket, yeah yeah

Yes, he is a very big dork.  He just bought a very metrosexual brown suede blazer that he had been waiting (impatiently) for the first crisp, autumnal day to unveil.  I love that word autumnal, by the way.  In fact, I am writing this post specifically so I can use the word a few more times.  Autumnal.  Autumn.  Nal.  Yeah.  Anyways, I just saw him leaving in it again this morning - I wonder if he's going to wear that thing to bed tonight?

But the real message here, in case you couldn't see through the layers of subtlety and obfuscation, is that Autumn has indeed arrived in New York, and I am loving it.  That first hint of crispness in the air always brings a half-nervous, half-excited, fluttery back-to-school feeling.  And then there's that complex intermingling of pathos (think smell of dying leaves) and warmth (think apple cider, cozy fires, bulky sweaters, football games...).  Oooh it's good.

This is going to be an interminable post, btw - if you're short on time, get out now.  Between the chilly, pearly grey weather outside and my slight cold I have already decided to hole up ALL DAY and blog, read blogs, eat, and watch TV.  And eat.  Yes!

A good friend of mine sent me a mail first thing this morning saying that she'd had a vivid dream last night that I had a baby.  A daughter, specifically, who looked exactly like H.  And I am so superstitious that I POAS'd this morning just to make sure am not pregnant (I'm not).  So now I am just hoping it's some kind of premonition for the future.  Except maybe the girl baby looking like H part - that would be rather unfortunate I think.  He makes a very cute mid-forties man.  Female infant, not so much.

Anyway I'm going to meet her next week for lunch - I can't wait, I love her to death and miss her, even though she just had a baby and is (naturally) full of baby talk.  I think I can handle it right now, though, since I have a plan.

A very specific plan, I might add.  After comparing calendars with H all morning (his work/play schedule with my lunar schedule) we finally determined that the only way to do the ODWU in any kind of reasonable timeframe is to do it separately.  Not ideal but better than waiting 2 more months - yes, it would be 2 more months because the month after this both he and I will be out of town getting *married* (can't reschedule that one!)  So I am going to Denver next Thursday the 29th for my ODWU and he'll go when he gets back from that stag party.  IF he gets back from that stag party...I am not in fact confident he will.

Anyone have recommendations for where to stay?  I think I'm going to snoop around some blogs and get recommendations.  It's only for one night so it hardly matters but I want to use this trip to do some research on where to do the longer stays.

I am also thinking that while I'm out there I will ask Dr S his opinion of me cycling in November to freeze eggs (if we get any) and then doing another in January.  Reason for this is that we have yet another trip scheduled in mid December to go to India with some very good friends of ours.  I have been agonizing about this trip ever since we started to book it (i.e., should we be spending this kind of money right now? is it safe to go if I get pregnant? shouldn't I be using this time to cycle instead of going away?)  But somehow I never managed to get enough conviction to cancel the trip.  Part of it was that my friends were all really excited about it and did a ton of work planning it.  And it wasn't clear that it would be a problem - it's only two weeks out of the year and it's rare to get the opportunity to do this kind of thing.

But now I am kicking myself - it means we won't get to cycle free and clear until January, unless I do a cycle with no transfer in November.  I doubt they'd want me to transfer and then run off the India for 2 weeks...seems risky.  And this trip is expensive.  And optional, so could have easily been avoided.  Argh.  H keeps telling me that we should go on these trips while we can - they are once-in-a-lifetime things.  I know he's right, but so is having a baby!

No use crying over spilt milk.  And I can't believe I am crying at all - the trip will be awesome and even though we will be broke after all of this travelling I am really excited about it.  Next year will be the year of the Staycation though - no more expensive trips!  Only expensive IVF procedures!

So I will discuss all this with Dr S on Thursday and see what he thinks.  I should get cracking on organizing flights and hotels I guess.  And eating, don't forget eating.


  1. Hmm..are you planning on doing CCS? If yes, your embies will be frozen anyhow and then you could still cycle in November and not transfer until after you get home from your trip. Glad you got your ODWU scheduled - can't wait to hear how it goes. Oh and where to stay - lots and lots of recommendations on CC.RM'er blogs. I know lots of people like Element - we've stayed at Staybridge and really liked it. I don't really think you can go wrong - just personal preference (make sure you ask for the CC.RM rate as lots of these places have one). If you stay out in Lone Tree or Centennial, you'll be close to CC.RM and there are lots of shopping/restaurants close by.

  2. Hello - I am waiting for that crisp Autumnal day - We'll probably feel it this weekend in Colorado. I stayed at Hampton Inn and Suites in Denver Tech Ctr- it's a great rate, but kind of far away and you have to deal with traffic. When I was out there this summer, I stopped by and checked out different hotels to see what the feel of them was. The Hilton Garden Inn has just been renovated and the rooms were very nice. It's pretty close to CCRM. Also Element seems very nice. I didn't get to see a room because they were all occupied which is probably a good sign. So exciting that you are going out there so soon! Your trip to India sounds so exciting and you can think of it as your last hurrah before you have children. So don't second guess yourself on that, just enjoy your travels and time away from dealing with IF.

  3. I think it's fine to do the ODWU without your husband. I know it's not ideal but it will be better than waiting 2 months like you said. We stayed at Element. It was great, breakfast was included, not just cold cereal either. Also, it is really close to CCRM and they have a shuttle. It is close to a movie theatre and lots of restaurants. There are a lot of great hotels really close to CCRM so any of them will do. I also saw a Marriott right down the road. If you book the Element you have to give the Skybridge Medical Rate. For the ODWU you are only there 1 day so it may be more fun to stay in Denver, it's about a 30min drive. Good, Luck and Enjoy your trip to CO and to India. Sounds like an amazing trip before babies!