The Not-So-Sexy Infertility Adventures of a Girl in the Big Apple

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Man I'm Good!

Since Thursday's resolution posting:

Blog reading/writing - 2 hrs combined over last 3 days
Exercise - yoga class Friday (my ass, my hamstrings, my arms, they hoit)
Socializing - went to wedding this weekend and socialized my butt off amidst *thousands* of babies, children and pregnant people, whew
Rosetta Stone - 2 hrs
Tedious errands - 3 hrs worth, accomplished a LOT

Man, I'm good.

However, I'm feeling super crappy right now - a deadly combination of PMS and an impending cold - so am anticipating activity to slow a bit.  But off to a good start!

And tomorrow is my appt with CCRM!  Am nervous but so glad it's finally here...have been thinking of nothing else since this afternoon.  Will update after.

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  1. Way to go on your resolutions! And good luck tomorrow - I'm anxious to hear how everything goes.