The Not-So-Sexy Infertility Adventures of a Girl in the Big Apple

Monday, October 10, 2011

Making Progress

Have been slowly and steadily knocking things off the C.CRM to do list as the next cycle approaches.  Had my annual physical on Friday with a new ob/gyn in the neighborhood.  Probably not someone I'd stay with if I got pregnant because it's a small clinic, but she was very nice and gave me everything I needed.  One nice thing about the visit was that she kept saying the phrase "when you get pregnant..." to me.  Although she has no idea how difficult that may be for me, it was still nice to hear someone (a doctor no less) taking that outcome for granted!

I have my mammogram appointment tomorrow and will then have to get a Chem22 panel and my testosterone checked prior to starting priming.  I spoke to my nurse today to review my protocol and I am slightly daunted by the sheer volume of medications I will be putting into my body in the next 2 months.  I mean, I've done this twice before but I am adding 4 to 5 new medications on top of the usual heap.  I hope I don't become a raving lunatic!  The Clomid in particular scares me - I had very bad side effects with that, worse than any IVF drug gave me.

My husband is flying out to CO tomorrow night to get his testing done - basically just a sperm sample and blood test, in and out.  He looked at his schedule and said - so I have to fly all the way out there just to &*#& into a cup?  To which I responded - cry me a river dude, try being me!  However, he's going to have to deal with a psychopath whacked out on too many hormones soon enough - so things will even out.  Poor guy, I feel bad for him already.  Thank goodness he's a rock and nothing phases him too much.

I realized today that with the way my dates are falling, I'm almost certainly going to be in Denver over Thanksgiving.  Will be one of my most memorable holidays yet - ha.  The only thing I'm nervous about is fielding phone calls from family members while pretending to be in New York.  We've decided to keep this cycle completely quiet (I learned my lesson from the first two, it's better to tell people news when you're ready as opposed to feeling pressure to update them).  So it's shaping up to be an interesting Turkey day, to say the least....

Just want to close by sending best wishes to fellow C.CRMers turtlemama and 73goldie - they are both pregnant and I am thrilled for them and have my fingers crossed that everything continues to go well.  And I hope all the rest of us who are waiting in the wings have as much success - goodness knows we could all use a break!


  1. Sounds like everything's coming together nicely. I totally get not wanting to tell anyone about your cycle - everyone gets their hopes up so high, it's just so hard if it doesn't work. Hopefully you'll have a nice surprise for everyone!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes! I look forward to cheering on your cycle in November! I lived in Colorado for many years and Thanksgiving day is usually really beautiful and not too cold. At any rate, it will be a very memorable Thanksgiving for you. The nice thing about cell phones is that you can pretend you are at home even when you are in another state:) Yes, I agree that we could all use a break! So will you do a fresh transfer or are you freezing everything for genetic testing?

  3. Maybe you should warn your family that you want a really quiet Thanksgiving so are going to switch your phone off all day. (And just hope your family aren't the type to decide to surprise you by turning up at your door with a turkey and the trimming because they are worried about you!(.