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Monday, October 3, 2011

Manic Monday

First of all ladies, my sincerest thanks and gratitude for your responses to my last post.  Particularly with regards to my antral follicle count woes.  You lifted me up.  Now onto our regular news report:

Woke up too early this morning thinking of all of the things I needed to do today, a lot of which are on the IF front.  As of this morning I've made all of my important appointments - physical, mammogram, HSG - so that's a relief.  But it occurred to me today that if I'm going to do estrogen/testosterone priming the month before stims, that actually starts pretty soon and I need to think about getting medications filled.  Which means I need to get on my husband's insurance policy, which covers IVF drugs (but not IVF).  And then figure out what to do with my current insurance plan, which doesn't cover drugs (but covers testing and used to cover IVF until I used up my lifetime max).  Sigh.

I have a call into my nurse to see when priming begins and for how long.  I am also wondering whether or not they allow you to try naturally during that time.  Does anyone know?  I'm guessing not.  If not, then I should also schedule my varicella immunization during that month because you can't TTC after that either. Sheez, cycling out-of-state is complicated - to get all of the testing done in time, I'm going to be working with 4 different clinics/hospitals.  I swear the percentage of people in the city that have seen my lady parts is approaching double digits!

This has turned onto one of those "then I did this, then I did that" posts.  BO-RING.  Sadly, this is a true reflection of my interior life.  SERIOUSLY BO-RING.

Okay, that's not entirely true.  I do have one interesting recommendation, which I will leave you with.  Anyone who wants a break from the tedium of IF should check out the documentary "Senna," which is about Ayerton Senna, the Formula One race car driver.  Okay, doesn't sound like a topic one would normally flock to.  But Ladies.  LAY DEES.  Not only is the doc extremely well-crafted and gripping (they do a really good job of making the past feel like the present through lots of old footage), this man was something to behold.  Charming, humble, fiercely talented and, most importantly, knee-droppingly gorgeous.  My friend and I kept turning to each other in the theatre and mouthing "he is so HOT" to one another.

I hope you all find some time to see it - we all need something to fantasize about other than breast feeding!

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  1. Glad you're feeling better about your AFC - positive thoughts!! There's so much coordination required for the cycle but it's manageable (I did it out of country and THAT was a feat!! But I did it).