The Not-So-Sexy Infertility Adventures of a Girl in the Big Apple

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Last night was so beautiful that I decided to go for a sunset walk along the waterfront in Lower Manhattan.  Bloomberg has done a fantastic job of building out these waterfront parks - I think they'll be one of his most lasting legacies as mayor.

I took some pictures, just for fun.  These are crappy iPhone pics and don't capture it completely, but you get the idea:

 Sunset across the Hudson.

Football practice with a bunch of totally adorable mini-footballers dressed in full regalia.

Another shot of footballers with an autumn moon.

I love this one - this guy was fishing off the pier and had just caught a fish (that little blob on the ground).

Beach volleyball game (yes, in Manhattan!)

The mini-golf course.

Mind you, all of this is crammed into a single pier that juts out into the Hudson.  Within that space they've managed to put a skating rink, a children's playground and waterpark, a mini-golf course, 3 beach volleyball courts, an astroturf field (which had one adult soccer game and the mini-football game going on simultaneously), and an area for lounging and looking at the water.  Talk about space efficiency.

Every time I go for a walk here I always have the same thought: that *if* I am ever able to have children, this will be a place we come often.  For walks with the stroller.  To the playground.  For skating or minigolf when he or she is older.  

So for now, this is a place I go to dream.  But maybe one day...  


  1. Wow - looks like a beautiful place!! I'm totally jealous. I've never been to NY but I already know that I love it. It's on my wish list of places to visit. Are you originally from there or did you move there at some point?

  2. great iPhone pics! thank you for sharing.

  3. Beautiful! I miss NYC...I especially miss the bagels.

  4. Love this post and pics. I have only been to New York once. Seems like such a vibrant place to live and it's good to have fanasties about your future stroller walks and chasing your child(ren) around the playground - as my mother would say, you are "setting your intention."