The Not-So-Sexy Infertility Adventures of a Girl in the Big Apple

Saturday, February 25, 2012

9dp3dt - Getting Darker...

Just call me Miss Pee On A Stick.  I tested again this morning at 9am with FMU (per Single Mom To Be's suggestion).  Line came in nicely, just a tiny bit darker than yesterday's.  But of course yesterday's was done at 3:30pm so it hadn't been a full 24 hours.  So I tested again at 3:30pm today and got an even darker line - don't even have to squint to see it now!

Here's a pic (most recent test at the top):

Hubs is so excited.  He didn't come home until 9pm last night, which made me awfully impatient.  But it was worth it to see the look on his face!  He is trying not to get overly excited, and we agreed that as much as possible we will take this a day at a time.  That means today is a great day, today we are happy. Very happy.

My Fertility Journey, I will definitely get one of those digital tests so I can see the words "Pregnant"!  I am waiting until just before beta though because I don't think those tests are as sensitive as the ones I have been using.  The tests above are 10 miu, most others are 25 - 50 miu.

Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good.  Boobs are a bit sore, and occasionally I feel a tight sensation in my uterus, but other than the horrible heartburn I feel pretty normal.  I did have one crazy hot flash in the middle of the night last night - full on sweat, had to throw the covers off and pant for a few minutes to cool off!

I'm off now to buy some Mylanta for my poor little esophagus.  2 days and counting until beta!...


  1. In my opinion, you'd see 'pregnant' on a digital now, but you wait and use that when you are ready (it ain't cheap). You're going to be as bad as me... AFTER my BFP I ordered a bunch of internet cheapie HPTs (I was almost out) so I could keep testing to watch the line continue to get darker... for probably the first 8 weeks or so. Yay!!

  2. So great! Excited to hear your beta.

  3. Fantastic! You and your hubby must be so happy.

  4. I tested daily for at 3 weeks after my BFP! Enjoy!!!!

  5. Hey congrats on the BFP!!!! I am ecstatic for you!!

  6. can i ask where you got your hpts?


    1. Hi Mo,
      The place I get my tests is online at this link: If you look under the Early Pregnancy Tests link you'll see one that has 10miu sensitivity. They are pretty cheap and more sensitive than most other tests I've seen.

      Hope that helps!

  7. Cool. The next two days are going to drrrraaagggg....