The Not-So-Sexy Infertility Adventures of a Girl in the Big Apple

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back Home - 3dp3dt

Got back from Denver yesterday afternoon, and it's good to be home.  We had a little hiccup on the way back - got stuck in a huge line at the airport and had to rush to the gate.  My husband's bag didn't make the flight, so we got woken up at 1:30am this morning by the United rep outside our door who delivered it to us.

Other than that, the trip was very smooth.  Our embryos thawed "beautifully" and had minimal fragmentation (one had <10%, the other had 10 - 15%).  Transfer was painless and easy.  I even managed to get my bladder to the right amount of fullness, although I did have to use the bedpan afterwards - that was kinda weird.

Bedrest at Teatro was pleasant, although I got pretty stir crazy by the end of the second day.  We watched a Louis C.K. DVD for laughs (if you haven't seen this guy, you need to - he is *hilarious*), and then MoneyBall, which I quite enjoyed.  The only thing that worried me a bit is that I had a weird reaction to something that started the day before transfer.  My cheeks got very pink and tender, like I had a bad sunburn.  It subsided a fair amount by the next day, but it hasn't completely gone away.  I wrote to my nurse about it and she said to just watch it and make sure it doesn't get worse.

So how I am I feeling now?  As I told you, I don't put much stock in pregnancy "symptoms" because I've had so many in the past and been wrong.  But it's impossible not to notice every twinge and cramp when you're in the 2WW, so if only for the sake of documentation I'm going write about it.

By far the most noticeable "symptom" I'm having is cramping.  It's quite intense at times, particularly at night.  I have had this most months when we were TTC'ing naturally, and I have never had it when we haven't been TTC'ing.  So I do think the cramping is indicative of something going on reproductively, but the question is what - rejection of bad embryos? uterine preparation for implantation?  failed implantation attempts?  Impossible to tell.

I will say that this cramping feels slightly different than any I've had before.  In the past I've felt an all-over ache, similar to period cramps but lower down - almost right where the pubic bone is.  The cramping often lasted throughout most of the 2WW.  However, all of those cycles were negative.  Not even a chemical, just BFN.

The cramping this time feels higher up, towards the top of the uterus.  It is also more localized and sharp, as opposed to an all-over ache.  However, just this morning I have started to feel more of that familiar lower down ache as well.  So who the heck knows what is going on?

Other than that, I have the usual list of 2WW feelings:
- Sore-ish breasts and nipples (progesterone & estrogen related, no doubt)
- Insomnia (due I think to Medrol and nighttime cramps)
- Fatigue (due to not sleeping enough!)
- Frequent urination

I'm going to be taking it easy today, although I will try to leave the apt and take a short walk to get some fresh air.  I am reading all of your blogs like crazy, and am SO happy for Mo of Life & Love in the Petri Dish.  I'm hoping hers is the first BFP of many this month!


  1. Thanks for the update newbie! Been thinking about you lots and can't wait to hear your Beta results! Are you going to POAS? Wishing you lots and lots and lots of luck!!

  2. I will be thinking of you this week and next and hoping for good things to come.

  3. Ugh the 2WW, you know you are going to obsess there is nothing you can do about it! Just stay away from google and stay happy and you can do this!

  4. Hang tight Newbie!!! I'll be hanging around your blog for the next few days HOPING for some good news.

  5. Hey there, just found your blog. I am 6dp3dt and know what you are going through right this very second :-) Best of luck!

  6. sounds very promising to me!! glad you're back home safely. take it easy as much as you can - and keep us updated, ok? so pulling for you!!!!


  7. Thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes.

  8. It's so hard not to obsess about every symptom, so don't worry about doing it. Just keep thinking your little embryos are growing! I agree with Chon, don't google! What day is your beta? Are you going to test early? Hope the time goes fast for you!

  9. I think cramping is a good sign that something is going on in there. I always felt time was somewhat suspended during the 2WW. Try to keep yourself distracted with other stuff- hope it goes by quickly! I'll be sending big prayers your way Newbie!

  10. Glad to hear you had a good transfer! I don't think I'd be too happy about the bed pan situation either! Just hoping this is your time! Hang in there :)